ARCS has been born from a desire to create crafted accessories – slow made, built for longevity and with minimal impact on the planet. ARCS seeks to redefine what a ‘synthetic’ fabric is and elevate new technologies in fabric creation. The first collection is created from waste food crop leather alternatives and hand woven or piece dyed recycled polyester. Sourcing fabrics for the first collection as a small business trying to choose consciously was a lengthy process. We’re not perfect, but we’re committed to developing this as our top priority. As our mills and weavers develop fabrics with less impact and a more circular life span, we’ll be moving with them.

ARCS is driven by a wish to marry technicality with fashion, the first collection take cues from technical dry bags and bike courier silhouettes, championing functionality for the post-pandemic world. ARCS is made with consideration for the future and what we’ll leave behind.

Created alongside makers and friends, ARCS is slow and thoughtfully made and we hope this shows in the product.